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Draw in New Members

Showcase your fitness center without having to give an tour! Your 360 space can easily be shared via social and embedded on your site just as easily as any video. Draw in new members by showcasing your equipment and amenities.

Pre-Sell New Members Online

With your Matterport Scan, you can add markers on every machine, circuit training area, and amenity. Name a machine, add a YouTube or Vimeo video of a trainer performing an exercise, or even offer a free circuit training demo to draw more people into your training programs.

Turbo-chargeYour Marketing With Matterport

  • Draw more people to your classes and training programs
  • Highlight amenities other gyms don’t have
  • Steal your competitors’ potential members
  • Highlight your clean facilities, showers, sauna

Utilize Your 360 Tour for Training Your Staff and Members

  • Train new personal trainers

Educate your members

  • Matterport Tags allow you to add pdf, video, and text anywhere on your tour
  • Showcase a new piece of equipment every week
  • Have your trainers demonstrate proper form and use for each machine